What is NuParadigm Solutions?


We are a company that thinks outside the box, with innovative products and services..


Why Would You Want To Talk With Us?

Every product or service we represent will accomplish at least one of the following:

  • Increase Net Revenue
  • Improve Patient Satisfacton
  • Enhance Environmental Image
  • Attract New Business
  • Reduce Costs
  • Provide New Capital or Retirement Funding


What If I Want To Know More?

For any business (if you are self insured) we can show you how to achieve substantial savings with the potential impact of the addition of tele-medicine to your benefit package and with a more efficient alternative to the PBM for the pharmacy portion of your self insurance plan. 

For Health Care Entities in addition to the customized analyses above we can show you in 30 minutes how we can benefit your hospital, surgery center, clinic or office. 

For More Information

Email Us Your Questions or Call (501)680-3832

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NuParadigm Solutions

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